Volume 8, Issue 2: Fall 2012

Roundtable: Teaching Motorcycle Studies

In this issue, we revive our discussion of teaching motorcycle studies:
Roundtable: Teaching Motorcycle Studies


J. Richard Stevens
Easy Riding: The Liberalization of Captain America Through Motorcycle Journey

Emily Haas, Marifran Mattson and Carin Kosmoski
Incongruent Perceptions about Driving a Motorcycle: Campaign Implications for Communicating Motorcycle Safety to Drivers of Cars and Trucks

James J. Ward
Rethinking the Whole British Bike Thing: An Essay Bump-Started by Steve Koerner's Strange Death of the British Motorcycle Industry


Steve Koerner
Chapter 1, The Strange Death of the British Motorcycle Industry


Ryôta Nishino
Review of Japan's Motorcycle Wars: An Industry History by Jeffrey W. Alexander

Michael J. Chappell
Review of Riding a Straight and Twisty Road: Motorcycles, Fellowship, and Personal Journey by James Hesketh

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