Archived Editions

Volume 1 (2005)

March 2005


Lily Phillips, "Blue Jeans, Black Leather Jackets, and a Sneer: The Iconography of the 1950s Biker and its Translation Abroad"


Christopher Thomas Potter, "Motorcycle Clubs in Britain During the Interwar Period, 1919 – 1939: Their Social and Cultural Importance"


David W. Russell, "The Dirt Bike and American Off-road Motorcycle Culture in the 1970s"


James J. Ward, "Hierarchies of Meaning and Value in the Classic British Bike Scene"


Guest Column


Michelle Ann Duff, "The End of Grand Prix Racing . . . Almost"




Christian A. Pierce, "Burned Out:  Review of the film Torque (2004)"


Ron Milam, "Harleys, et al: Review of Born To Be Wild:  A History of the American Biker and Bikes by Paul Garson"        

July 2005

Photographic Essay

Matthew Linton, "For Love of the Machine"




Barbara Joans, "GLIB WITH GUTS AND GORE: I Come to Bury HT, Not to Praise Him: The Legend of Hunter Thompson"


Katherine G. Sutherland, "Forty Years Later: Hunter S. Thompson's Hell's Angels"


Randy D. McBee, "A "Pontential Common Front": Hunter Thompson, the Hell's Angels, and Race in 1960s America"


Gary L. Kieffner, "Myth, Reality, and Revenge in Hunter S. Thompson’s Hells Angels"




Nan Curtis, Review of Bike Lust: Harleys, Women and American Society, by Barbara Joans


Lisa Garber, Review of The Perfect Vehicle: What It Is About Motorcycles, by Melissa Holbrook Pierson  

November 2005



William L. Dulaney, "A Brief History of 'Outlaw' Motorcycle Clubs"


Kris Slawinski, "Sex and The Art Of Motorcycle Mechanics: Motorcycles as Personal"


Roundtable: Easy Rider


Michael J. Chappell, "The Failure of the Flag in Easy Rider"


William Cummings, "Easy Rider and American Empire: A Postcolonial Interpretation"


Greg Semack, "What Happened to My Motorcycle Movie?"




Amber Clifford, "The Seat of a Revolutionary: A Review of The Motorcycle Diaries: Notes on a Latin American Journey by Ernesto Che Guevara"


Eric Primm, "A Review of The Bikeriders by Danny Lyon"  


Volume 2 (2006)

March 2006


Sarah Boslaugh, "Getting Past the Stereotypes: Women and Motorcycles in Recent Lesbian Novels"  

Roundtable:Women and Motorcycling


Kris Slawinski, "Motorcycles as Political"


Susan Semack, "The Reluctant Rider"


Adele Kubein, "Grease Under the Angel’s Wings"




Suzanne Ferriss, Review of Breaking the Limit: One Woman's Motorcycle Journey Through North America by Karen Larsen


Amy Ruth Tobol, Review of Kickstart:  A Cosmic Biker Babe’s Guide to Life and Changing the Planet by Carol Setters    

July 2006



Steven Alford, "Teaching Motorcycle Travel Literature"


Katherine Sutherland, "Reading the Ride"


Leland Giovannelli, "Teaching the Design History Of The Motorcycle"


Sample Syllabi


Katherine Sutherland, Thompson Rivers University

"Studies in Fiction:  Motorcycle Literature, Speed and Masculinities"


Randy D. McBee, Texas Tech University

"Born to be Wild": A Post-World War II History of Motorcyclists in the United States




Steven Alford and Suzanne Ferriss, "Classifying Motorcycle Writing: A Preliminary Consideration"


Geoff Crowther, "Motorcycling and Consumer Studies: A Bibliography"


Case Study


Ted Bishop “It’s not the hardware, it’s the history”: The Harris Vincent Gallery

November 2006



Peter Hughes Jachimiak, "Lambrettas Down Leafy Lanes: The Scooterist as Ruralist"


K. Alex Ilyasova, "Dykes on Bikes and the Regulation of Vulgarity"




Don Hennigan, Review of Out in Bad Standings, Inside the Bandidos Motorcycle Club, The Making of a Worldwide Dynasty, by Ed Winterhalder


Chad DeMars, Review of Riders for God: The Story of a Christian Motorcycle Gang, by Rich Remsberg




Volume 3 (2007)

March 2007


Timothy A. D. Holmes, "Motorcycle Myth: Rebels without a Horse"


Steve Koerner, "Whatever Happened to the Girl on a Motorbike?  British Women and Motorcycling from 1919 to 1939"


Allison Perlman, "The Brief Ride of the Biker Movie"


Lars Lagergren, "Make Way for the Biker: Media and Swedish Motorcycle Culture"


Ivan Rabinowitz, "A Generous Imaginary: Contingencies of Value in the South African Charity Run"




Michael Chappell, Review of Riding with Rilke: Reflections on Motorcycles and Books, by Ted Bishop


Suzanne Ferriss, Review of American Borders: A Motorcycle Misadventures Journey, by Carla King

July 2007


Mary K. Coffey and Jeremy S. Packer, "The Art of Motorcycle (Image) Maintenance"


Ed Youngblood, "The Birth of the Dirt Bike: Technology and the Shift in Attitude toward American Motorcyclists in the 1970s"


Suzanne McDonald-Walker, "Outcast but not Cast Out: The Effects of Marginalisation on the British Motorcycling Community"


Gary L. Winn, "The Rise of the Vintage Motorcycle Competition Movement in America"


Richard Hutch, "Speed Masters Throttle Up:  Space, Time and the Sacred Journeys of Recreational Motorcyclists"




Randy D. McBee, Review of Biker: Truth and Myth--How the Original Cowboy of the Road Became the Easy Rider of the Silver Screen, by Bill Osgerby


Richard B. Verrone, Review of Run for the Wall: Remembering Vietnam on a Motorcycle Pilgrimage, by Raymond Michalowski and Jill Dubisch                       

November 2007

Special Issue: The TT Centenary



Simon Vaukins, "The Isle of Man TT Races: Politics, Economics and National Identity"


James J. Ward, "The Flying 'M' on the IOM: The Matchless Name and the Tourist Trophy Races"


Sasha Disko, "The Image of the 'Tourist Trophy' and British Motorcycling in the Weimar Republic"


Charles Lamb, "New Zealand and the Isle of Man TT: A History of Kiwi Involvement and Public Perceptions of an Iconic Event"


Kris Slawinski, "The Isle of Goose TT: T-T-Licious!"


Geoff Crowther, "Embodied Experiences of Motorcycling at the Isle of Man TT Races"


Guest Column


Michelle Ann Duff, "Do You Believe in Fairies?"


Roundtable: The TT and the Future of Road Racing


Paul Phillips, Neil Tuxworth, Mick Duckworth


Book Review


Katherine Sutherland, "Writing Man" (review of Mark Gardiner’s Riding Man)


Mark Gardiner, excerpt from Riding Man

Volume 4 (2008)

Spring 2008



Lisa MacKinney, "'Mmmm, he's good-bad but he's not evil': The Shangri-Las, 'Leader of the Pack,' and the Cultural Context of the Motorcycle Rider"


Matthew Biberman, "Cold Pastoral: Notes on Becoming a Vincent Owner"


Barbara Brodman, "The Motorcyclist as Revolutionary: Looking for Mr. Guevara"




Ed Youngblood, Review of BackTrack, written and produced by Kent Taylor


Ron Milam, Review of Living on the Edge, dir. Edward Winterhalder


Paul Atkinson, Review of Motorcycle by Steven E. Alford and Suzanne Ferriss

Fall 2008



Errol Vieth, “Take the Trip” Down Under: The Significance of Stone (1974)


Adrien Litton, Finding the Zen in Motorcycling  




Steven E. Alford, Review of Mobility without Mayhem by Jeremy Packer


Jeremy Packer, Excerpt from Mobility without Mayhem


Michael J. Chappell, Review of Review of The Mammoth Book of Bikers, edited by Arthur Veno

Christian Pierce, Review of Hell Ride, dir. by Larry Bishop






Volume 5 (2009)

Spring 2009


James J. Ward, "The Mysterious AJS 10R: A Real-Life Motorcycle Detective Story"

Gary L, Kieffner, "Police and Harley Riders: Discrimination and Empowerment"

Roundtable: The Wild One (1953)

Paul Nagy, "The BRMC and its Humor in The Wild One"

Julie Willett, "Behaving Like Brando: Transgressing Race and Gender in The Wild On"

Michael J. Chappell, "Death by Discourse, or The Fate of Jimmy in The Wild One"


An Interview with Sputnik, Chairman, Texas Motorcycle Rights Association

"History Changes You" by Darilynn (Dee) McClure


Christian Pierce, Review of Feasting on Asphalt by Alton Brown

Steven E. Alford, Review of Bodies in Motion by Steven L. Thompson

Matthew Kiesner, Review of The Pink Angels, dir. Lawrence Brown

Fall 2009


M. Shelly Conner, "First-Wave Feminist Struggles in Black Motorcycle Clubs"

David Lancaster, "Another One Bites the Dust"

Sushil Chandra and Sudhir Atreya, "Lyricism in Design: A History of Motorcycles in India"


Tom Goodmann, Review of An Anthology of Early Motorcycle Travel Literature, ed. Tim Fransen

James J. Ward, Review of Riding Old Motorcycles by Reg Eyre

Rick Hogan, Review of Harley-Davidson and Philosophy

Steven E. Alford, Review of Shop Class as Soulcraft by Matthew B. Crawford

Volume 6 (2010)

Spring 2010

Special Issue: Motorcycle- Beschleunigung und Rebellion?



Hartmutt Rosa, "Full Speed Burnout? From the Pleasures of the Motorcycle to the Bleakness of the Treadmill: The Dual Face of Social Acceleration"


Klaus Benesch, "Our Bikes Are Us: Speed, Motorcycles and the American Tradition of a 'Democratic' Technology"

Leerom Medovoi, "Marx and McQueen: Racing against Communism in Fordist America"

Klaus Neumann-Braun, "Retro Meets Rat, or the Vespa Legacy in the Hands of Young People"

Johannes Voelz, "A Matter of Style--Charlie Parker and Jack Kerouac: Between Coolness and Ecstasy"

Suzanne Ferriss, " Creating the Exhibit 'Motorcycle: Beschleunigung und Rebellion?'"




Christopher Thrasher, Review of Riding on the Edge: A Motorcycle Outlaw’s Tale by John Hall


Steve Koerner, Review of Shooting Star: The Rise & Fall of the British Motorcycle Industry by Abe Aamidor


James J. Ward, Review of Motorcycle Apprentice: Matchless--In Name and Reputation by Bill Cakebread


Steven E. Alford, Review of One More Day Everywhere: Crossing 50 Borders on the Road to Global Understanding by Glen Heggstador  

Fall 2010

Peer-Reviewed, Timely, Global and Free: Online Scholarly Publication

In Memoriam: Sputnik


Patricia Gagné and D. Mark Austin, "Playing with the Guys: Women's Negotiation of Gendered Leisure and Space"

Christopher Thomas Potter, "Motorcycling 'Types': An Exploration of Some Motorcyclists in 1920s Britain"

Marilyn DeLong, Kelly Gage, Juyeon Park and Monica Sklar, "From Renegade to Regular Joe: The Black Leather Jacket's Values for Bikers"


John M. Withers IV, Review of Sons of Anarchy, Season One (FX)

Steven E. Alford, Review of The World’s Fastest Indian: Burt Munro–A Scrapbook of his Life by Roger Donaldson

Suzanne Ferriss, Review of The Devil Can Ride: The World's Best Motorcycle Writing edited by Lee Klancher

Volume 7 (2011)

Spring 2011

In Memoriam: Wendy Moon


Wendy Moon, "Riding Half-Naked (or the Conversion of a Safety Nazi)"

Eryl Price-Davies, "Adventure Motorcycling: The Tourist Gaze"

Sushil Chandra and Sudhir Atreya, "The Semantics of Motorcycle Design: A Kansei Engineering Framework"


Barbara Schoichet, Review of Roads of Her Own by Alexandra Ganser

Christian Pierce, Review of The American Motorcycle Girls 1900 to 1950: A Photographic History of Early Women Motorcyclists by Cristine Sommer Simmons

Fall 2011


Lisa Garber, "The Voice Inside My Helmet: A Trilogy"

Roundtable: The Future of Motorcycling

Geoff Crowther, "Sustainable Motorcycling: Rethinking Mobility, Consumption and Market Relationships"

Randy McBee, "Harley-Davidson's Future (Abroad)"

Christian Pierce, "The State of Alternatives"

Diego Varela, "Motorcycle Consumption: A First Look at Peer-to-Peer Motorcycle Renting"


Fábio Magnani, Review of Coletivo canal*MOTOBOY by Eliezer Muniz dos Santos (English/Português)

Charles Johnson, Review of TJupiter's Travels, Riding High and Dreaming of Jupiter by Ted Simon

Steve Koerner, Review of Traveling with Mr. Turner by Nigel C. Winter









Volume 8 (2012)

Spring 2012


Steven L. Jones Jr. and Saravanan Gurupackian, "The Who, What, When and Where of Motorcycle Crashes in Alabama"

IJMS Extra

Alex Ilyasova, "Dykes on Bykes and the Tenancy of Masculinity" (a microLECTURE)


Steven E. Alford, Review of TheMan Who Would Stop at Nothing: Long-Distance Motorcycling's Endless Road by Melissa Holbrook Pierson

Christian Pierce, Review of One Week directed by Michael McGowan

Fall 2012

Roundtable: Teaching Motorcycle Studies

Charles Johnson, "Emerson and Whitman Were Wild Hogs"

Galen Farrington,"Motorcycle Literature"

Carter A. Edman, "Live to Ride, Ride to Live: Motorcycles and America"

Leland Giovanelli, "The Motorcycle's First Centure: Materials, Mechanics and Culture"

Steven E. Alford and Suzanne Ferriss, "Motorcycle Myth and Culture: An Honors Seminar"


J. Richard Stevens, "Easy Riding: The Liberalization of Captain America Through Motorcycle Journey"

Emily Haas, Marifran Mattson and Carin Kosmoski, "Incongruent Perceptions about Driving a Motorcycle: Campaign Implications for Communicating Motorcycle Safety to Drivers of Cars and Truck"

James J. Ward, "Rethinking the Whole British Bike Thing: An Essay Bump-Started by Steve Koerner's Strange Death of the British Motorcycle Industry"


Steve Koerner,Chapter 1, The Strange Death of the British Motorcycle Industry


Ryota Nishino, Review of Japan's Motorcycle Wars: An Industry History by Jeffrey W. Alexander

Michael J. Chappell, Review of Riding and Straight and Twisty Road: Motorcycles, Fellowship and Personal Journey by James Hesketh

Volume 9 (2013)

Spring 2013


James B. Gould, "Make Today Count: Motorcycling as Memento Mori"

Robert B. Shabanowitz, "Hog Heaven: Funeral and Mourning Rituals of an Independent Motorcycle Club"

Sushil Chandra and Sudhir Atreya, "Deconstructing Dynamism in Motorcycle Design"


Charles Johnson, Review of The Old Man and the Harley: A Last Ride Through Our Father's America by John J. Newkirk

Christian Pierce, Review of Royal Enfield: The Complete Story by Mick Walker

Fall 2013


Steven E. Alford and Suzanne Ferriss, "Conference Summary: IJMS Conference, London 2013"

Emily Joy Haas, Marifran Mattson, Christina Jones and Pamela L. Morris, "Newspaper Coverage of Motorcycle Accidents: A Content Analysis from a Media Framing Perspective with Implications for Practice"

Roundtable: Bike, Body and Consciousness

Lisa Garber, "The Landscape: Another Ride with the Voice Inside My Helmet"

Sheila Malone, "Objects Vibrating Disobedience: A Phenomenology of the Motorcycle, an Orientation of a Dyke on a Bike"

Bernadette Murphy, "Risky Business: This is Your Brain on a Motorcycle"

Cheryl North, "Black Cat: Fighting Gender Stereotypes through Motorcycling"


Reg Eyre, Review of The Story of the Pioneer Run® for Veteran (pre-1915) Motor Cycles and Three-Wheelers: To Commemorate 75 Runs 1930 to 2013 by Baz Staple

Christian Pierce, Review ofMind of the Demon: A Memoir of Motocross, Madness and the Metal Mulisha by Larry Linkogle with Joe Layden

Suzanne Ferriss, Review ofFlat Track: A Story About Coming of Age, Love, and Above All, Racing by Loukas Mexis

Volume 10 (2014)

Spring 2014


Thomas Goodmann, "Riding a Straight Line between The Wild One and Wild Hogs"

Dave Russell, "Passing It On: Youth and the Future of Vintage Motor Clubs"

IJMS Special Feature

Miguel Grunstein, Absolutely Nothing, Next 22 Miles . . . A Fugue for Motorcycle: An Interpretation Deconstructing Dynamism in Motorcycle Design


Charles Johnson, Review of 90 Years: BMW Motorrad by Jürgen Gassebner and Martin Bölt

Andy Tribble, Review of Lois on the Loose and Red Tape and White Knuckles by Lois Pryce

Fall 2014

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: A Retrospective Roundtable, Forty Years Down the Road

Thomas Goodmann, "Introduction"

Graham Priest, "Reflections on Philosophy and Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance"

Craig Bourne and Emily Caddick Bourne, "ZAMM and the Art of Philosophical Fiction"

Christian Pierce, "Less Zen and More Art of Motorcycle Maintenance"

Barry Coleman, "Drinking (just a little) on the Fault Line"

Andreas Schroeder, "ZAMM and the Art of Shelf-Life Maintenance"


Christian Pierce, Review of Evel:  The High-Flying Life of Evel Knievel by Leigh Montville

Jonathan Boorstein, Review of Hogs, Blogs, Leathers and Lattes:  The Sociology of Modern American Motorcycling by William E. Thompson

Ramona Marinache, Review of Why We Ride directed by Bryan H. Carroll