July 2007


Mary K. Coffey and Jeremy S. Packer
The Art of Motorcycle (Image) Maintenance

Ed Youngblood
The Birth of the Dirt Bike: Technology and the Shift in Attitude toward American Motorcyclists in the 1970s

Suzanne McDonald-Walker
Outcast but not Cast Out: The Effects of Marginalisation on the British Motorcycling Community

Gary L. Winn
The Rise of the Vintage Motorcycle Competition Movement in America

Richard Hutch
Speed Masters Throttle Up:  Space, Time and the Sacred Journeys of Recreational Motorcyclists


Randy D. McBee
Biker: Truth and Myth--How the Original Cowboy of the Road Became the Easy Rider of the Silver Screen, by Bill Osgerby

Richard B. Verrone
Run for the Wall: Remembering Vietnam on a Motorcycle Pilgrimage, by Raymond Michalowski and Jill Dubisch

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