Welcome to our Inaugural Issue!
March 2005


Lily Phillips
"Blue Jeans, Black Leather Jackets, and a Sneer: The Iconography of the 1950s Biker and its Translation Abroad"

Christopher Thomas Potter
"Motorcycle Clubs in Britain During the Interwar Period, 1919 – 1939: Their Social and Cultural Importance"

David W. Russell
"The Dirt Bike and American Off-road Motorcycle Culture in the 1970s"

James J. Ward
"Hierarchies of Meaning and Value in the Classic British Bike Scene"

Guest Column

Michelle Ann Duff
"The End of Grand Prix Racing . . . Almost"


Christian A. Pierce
"Burned Out:  Review of the film Torque (2004)"

Ron Milam
"Harleys, et al: Review of Born To Be Wild:  A History of the American Biker and Bikes by Paul Garson" 

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