Volume 10, Issue 1: Spring 2014


Image by Miguel Grunstein © 2012



This issue marks a milestone: IJMS is celebrating 10 years of publication. Conveniently, the contributors to this issue straddle the past and future of motorcycling: in his analysis of Wild Hogs, Thomas Goodmann situates the film in history of motorcycle cinema from The Wild One to Easy Rider and the bikesploitation films of the 1970s, while tracing its characters' preoccupation with "riding a straight line" to fears of emasculation and aging. Aging is equally Dave Russell's concern, as he considers the graying of vintage motorcycle club members. In his essay, he sees hopeful signs of involvment by a younger demographic and outlines strategies for successfully instilling a passion for old, as well as new, technology in young male and female motorcyclists.


Miguel Grunstein's image "Sphere on Road" creates a futuristic vision, propelling viewers through space and down a road at speed. His experimental film Absolutely Nothing, Next 22 Miles ... A Fugue for Motorcycle immerses viewers is an aural and visual experience of riding. In his essay, he offers an account of the film's purpose and production, as well as an interpretation of the finished product. Be sure to watch the film first: follow the link offering IJMS readers exclusive access.


In our reviews section, Charles Johnson tells readers why they should add 90 Years: BMW Motorrad to their libraries, while Andy Tribble argues that the ever intrepid, ever adventurous Lois Pryce is an authentic motorcyclist--and her books prove it.

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